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Integration with Twitch, Discord and Gitter.

It's all about communications.

The last few days I made several minor adjustments and improvements to the page, Internet Explorer and Safari iOS are now presenting and rendering the page the right way, the translation links are always exposed, footer grouping the social icons without breaking line, among other improvements.

However the most interesting addition was the integration with Twitch, now whenever I do a live streaming will appear here in the sidebar the video. I was able to integrate the Chat below the video so the latest messages posted in the video chat will also appear here on the page.

Since I was working on these things, I was able to create and make Discord, Gitter and OpenCollective channels available. Discord is a tool that I know well and I frequent several groups, OpenCollective was new and I found it very interesting with a mix of Patreon with virtual / remote company manager.

Gitter surprised me, it’s simple, fast, easy to access and creates a community chat and open group channel that can be an interesting tool … Maybe in the future I include the Gitter chat window on the sidebar to see how it works.


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