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Description :

Tool to manage Unreal Engine Plugins that are set EnabledByDefault.

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Blog :

Recently I’m building Unreal Engine 5 from source in different machines almost every week to follow up updates and changes, after a while enabled plugins started to give me headaches like SteamVR window warning that no VR HMD is connected… I disabled some plugins manually a few times but after a while I needed a solution to easily manage plugins and set it to EnabledByDefault: false .

Unreal Engine can be used to make Games (Desktop, Mobile, VR, AR), ArchVis, VisualProduction, Movies, HMI, I understand that to be ready to download and use in any kind of enviroment or user the engine comes with 100s of plugins enabled, some are used in really specific projects and don’t make sense to let it enabled if unused. For example MagicLeap, ArchVis Character, Apple iOS and Mac stuff (if using Windows or Linux machines), AudioCapture, Mobile Location, SpeedTree importer, etcs.

In my study workflow is common to create small projects all the time to learn Unreal Engine 5 new resources and functionalities, with less plugins enabled the projects startup time and compile shaders are faster, smaller packaging and cooking time.


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