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About DarknessFX

Yo, hi!

My nickname is DarknessFX, I’m a senior software engineer from finance industry with 25+ years of experience, self-taught full stack generalist developer (desktop, server, web, mobile, IoT) and a long-time gamer at heart since childhood.

A few years ago I had a time and space to do whatever I wanted and I choose GameDev as a hobby.

I do love everything free, any info, tutorial, hint, sdk, is a highway road to evolve and improve. I collect and study everything that I found interesting, and I try my best to share all at WildWeb .

In a cyberpunk world I would probably be the netrunner or info-hoarder.

FAQ: What about your real name?

I work in niche corporation industries in two countries and my name is recognizable in those industries , if they learn how much time I spent online having fun, playing games and studying GameDev, I would lose clients and money. So pseudonymous are essential to be free.


I created this site in Jan/2019 to keep notes of my projects and ideas, to share links and codes with other devs.

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