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Windows tool that create timelapse screenshots and export to video (MP4,AVI,GIF) with caption. Support multi-monitor and application-only screenshot.

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I recently saw a tweet from a gamedev at a gamejam with a timelapse video of the entire game creation process. I immediately fell in love with the idea of ​​recording the creation, from the engine’s initial blank template, first sketches, level design and blockout, iterations, improvements, materials, animations, hud, menu, sound, code.

Timelapse is a great tool for gamedev that I didn’t have until now. I searched and found some timelapse applications used in gamejams, but unfortunately all I found didn’t solve some of the problems I have:

– Multi-monitor support.
– Screenshot without windows taskbar.
– Export to video.

Usually timelapse apps just take a screenshot of the entire desktop, then you need to cut out the interesting pieces and finally use other software to export the screenshots in video format. As I had free time and studying C++ 20, I decided to create a timelapse app with features that solve my problems and that’s how TimelapseFX was born (in two days coding?).

Since I created TimelapseFX I have used it every day, while modeling studies in Blender, while studying gamedev in UnrealEgine, while studying C++/ASM in VisualStudio.

TimelapseFX of Blender studies.
TimelapseFX developing TanksVSZombies.


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