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Next update will break everything

Lets migrate the database what could go wrong.

When I set up I tried to use the least resources on Amazon AWS, my account was still receiving a free 12-month benefit at the beginning of the year and apparently my monthly costs were supposed to be low.

Now that the free benefit has ended, I have found that my monthly cost is $ 85, and $ 60 of this cost is for two services that I do not wish to have activated but that are needed for Database (US $ 15) and VPC – Virtual Private Cloud ($ 45).

Strange that the database should be free and the AWS tutorial recommends creating the VPC for the web server to read and access the database … This was annoying to configure because it needs to enable a lot of security permissions, etc. ..

I’ll have to throw it all away, install the database directly on my server and shut down those expensive services.

The problem is that there are GREAT chances of losing everything from the database in this migration and starting from scratch. I have never done a database migration in WordPress and I am not very confident of the success of this process.

We’ll see in a few hours or everything will be working smoothly or everything will be lost and the site will start from scratch with a new database.


Comments are welcome.