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DIY Results

Most works but the fails hurts bad.

As always it is a great fun to assemble these soldering kits and small electronics, more and more I learn about hardware and electronic details as well as I improve my weld skill, quality, and performance.

These kits were interesting and worked well, follow the mini-reviews of each kit:

  • WeevilEye is super simple and would be a great gift for anyone who wants to start soldering, came with battery what is positive.
  • Metal detector was quick to assemble and is functional with the audible alarm and led, worked with a 2x AA battery pack (not included in the kit).
  • Music Tesla Coil was my favorite, visually beautiful and striking, super easy to ride. Who would not want to have a mini tesla coil at home? 🙂 The part of the music speaker is a disposable because the volume is absolutely inaudible and does not come with the power supply. Distracted I erred the installation of one of the transistors, soldered in the wrong place and I had a lot of work to be able to remove.
  • Multifunctional Tester, was a slightly more complicated kit to assemble, is incredibly useful and functional will certainly be used very frequently in the next kits and projects. It did not come with power supply. Distracted, I misplaced the pins on the LCD, soldered them on top of the screen instead of down, it took a lot of work to try to remove the solder and repair it, I ended up simply heating the pads and pushing the pins through the plate (you can see that the block continued on the top of the LCD).
  • SMD Solder Practicle Kit , extremely difficult, it was a miracle to finish soldering this kit with all the components on the board without losing any of them. For the most part I was satisfied with my work, partly the board worked and some test points worked with their respective lights on. My biggest difficulty was the area 0603 with the 8 pin microchips, I started pins, started pads, melted chips … 5x training models, I destroyed the 5 attempts in a horrible way. I need to find some kit with more examples of these kind of welds to train and learn. Apart from that, overall it was a great kit and I was happy to have managed to complete it.
  • 4x4x4 Led Cube … Without knowing I bought the kit in the 2017 version and discovered that this kit was revised and there is the 2018 version. It did not work and broke due to obvious errors in the concept of this project, need to weld some rods between the LEDs before connect the lateral structures that hold the rods … In my case the rods did not connect with the structures, I had to make force to connect, at some point the whole structure moved and simply pulled several padas from the rods and leds … It was a failure and even depoius of hours trying to fix anything worked. The quality of the kit is impressive, professional and complete, but this concept of welding something delicate to later fit into something that needs strength was a failure, also came with no instructions and uses a Funduino FTDI to program the board. Anyway, I do not recommend it, it was the only kit over $ 20 and it was money thrown away.


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