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Let Me Fix It For You…

Sometimes it seems like a lot of developer time is lost correcting flaws in other people’s programs … I like open source, WordPress is awesome and free, along with the various free plugins is a phenomenal tool.
But in the last 2 hours rather than improving the style and design of the site were lost correcting bugs, flaws and inflexibilities.
The good part is you do not have to be a hacker to add some “return false;” and cause functions to be completely ignored.
Here are a few:

  • My Calendar Plugin added buttons on the toolbar without allowing you to remove them. The my-calendar-core.php file has been forcibly changed to disable this shit.
  • CyberSyn caused strange flaws that appeared in PHP.LOG something about trying to access the ID as an invalid member of an object on line 2211. I put a “return false;” in front of the csyn_rel_canonical and csyn_permalink functions to solve the problem.
  • WordPress uses an Admin Toolbar fucking scrotum, has a lot of useless functions without allowing remove while opening the site as anonymous the toolbar appeared … A lot of return false in admin-bar.php solved the problem, if admin does not show me the things I do not want to see, if not the admin does not show the toolbar by integer.
  • To complete the fun WordPress announced errors in PHP.LOG informing that the file class.wpcom-json-api-update-post-endpoint.php has SELECT CASE / SWITCH with Continues wrong, I followed the hint of PHP and changed “Continue ; ” by “Continue 2;”.

The fun with HTML and CSS will stay until tomorrow …


Comments are welcome.

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