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FatorX is back!

FatorX is back!
After years with the domain stopped without use, finally I set up so that the redirect to the, after all with such nice domains at disposal why not put them to work and redirect their accesses here helping also with search engines.
This brings me back memories, FatorX was a site of programming tutorials, 3D modeling, web dev, forum for communities of developers to exchange information, created in Sep / 1999 in Brazil joined the interests and experiences of 5 young friends.
Long story short, no one worked on the site except me, I was dispirited from working hard all by myself and I closed the whole site because community dramas was getting more attention than actual developer talks.
Maybe I should have been solo since that time, I think the site lasted until 2001 or 2002, after that I continued only with the NNTP forum and newsgroup, that I also close because all the community drama.
Holy shit, I just noticed that the FatorX domain will be 20 years old in 2019! Wow !!!



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