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Free Particle Toolkit for UE4

Don’t miss this chance to grab Particle Toolkit by Luos for free. It features a number of meshes, noise textures, material functions, vector fields and more for your VFX projects. It also comes with 67 example particles.

Basically, the pack is a nice toolbox filled with all kinds of great content to create particles with.


  • 67 Particle effects
  • 200 textures that can be used for a variety of effects
  • 11 flip-books
  • 9 gradients
  • 23 masks
  • 38 RGB Channel Noise Textures
  • 45 Normal maps for UV distortion
  • 30 gray-scale noise textures
  • 50+ textures of the random variety (sprites, noise, normal, detail, etc.)

You can learn more here. Please note that not all the effects might be used in games as they are only intended as a showcase to show what can be achieved with the toolkit.

Grab the pack

Landscape Auto Material by VEA Games is a flexible auto-painting material for Unreal Engine 4 Landscape component. When you are drawing the topology of your landscape, proper material layers are drawn automatically!

Check the full feature list

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