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Dead or Alive: Core Values

Dead or Alive: Core Values

This rant has nothing to do with Dead or Alive, Mortal Kombat or EVO.

At some point, Ben Brode from Blizzard’s Hearthstone said on an interview they didn’t add more deck slots because they were afraid this would confuse and/or intimidate some players, this turned basically into a meme in the community but I want to dig a bit deeper.

Assuming what he says is true (and not some excuse to hide some deeper development issues) this means they are trying to make games for people who will turn away from a game because they got lost into a very basic UI. I can see it now… guy create his 10th deck, who goes on the 2nd page of the deck slot list and the poor guy can’t find his new deck and quit the game after leaving a 1-star review on the App Store.

The issue here is, you can’t make a shirt who fits both a giant and a midget. You can try but there are just so many concessions you can give to make the game appealing for your non-gamer granma and expect her gamer grandkid to stay interested.

Once upon a time, casual was a gamer who didn’t play often but now casual is basically the non-gamer, and by trying to appeal to those you throw away good mechanics. Even if you don’t the divided focus means you are always holding back.

A game like Dota Auto Chess would never be created by a modern company. The game is confusing and unfair but reward you learning how to play it.

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