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Media Molecule’s Dreams Set To Enter Early Access On PS4 This Spring


Little Big Planet developer, Media Molecule is close to releasing it’s next project to the world. After 6 weeks of beta testing, the company  has announced Dreams will enter Early Access this spring.

During the beta test, players created a whole tons of content — not just game levels, but art pieces and music.

Media Molecule’s goal from the outset has been to provide creators everything they need to make exciting content using just their PlayStation 4s. Based on the samples provided in the video above, it appears they’ve done just that. But, the devs note their work isn’t done yet.

Beta testing may be over, but between now and the game’s full launch the team will be working to perfect the game. To do this, while allowing players access to Dreams, Media Molecule has decided to launch the game in Early Access .

While they haven’t provided an exact date, player can expect EA to launch in the next three months.

When Early Access kicks off, it won’t contain everything the final game will, but players will have access to all the same tools Media Molecule uses to create their own content — as well as interactive tutorials, pre-crafted arcade games. And, those who participated in the beta will have access to everything they created during the testing phase.

During Early Access, Media Molecule will continue to finalize everything they’re working on while taking feedback from those players who wanted to get rolling in Dreams as early as possible. The great news for players is that NDA will be lifted for EA, so they can share their content with others however they like. This includes streaming and images. Players can even openly collaborate and create tutorials for others.

When Dreams‘ EA launches it will be available to players in  the UK, US, Australia, Austria, Benelux, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Spain.  Of course, since it’s EA, it’s a purchase. That means players will need to pay €29.99 (approximately $34 USD).

Those wanting to get in on the Dreams’ Early Access action will need to keep a close eye on the PlayStation Store.

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