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Creating a Forest Scene with Megascans 80lvl

In this digest, Andrei Petrukovich shared all the Megascans materials and models he used in his mesmerizing scene Fox.

Scanned Objects:

All the models have LOD 0, no Displacement map but with Normals intensified:

    1. Fallen Tree Assembly
    2. Granite Rocks 1
    3. Burnt Tree
    4. Wood Stump 1
    5. Wood Root
    6. Wood Stump 2
    7. Mossy Tree Log
    8. Tree Bark
    9. Dead Tree
    10. Grassy Forest Roots 2×2 M – the texture is assigned to V-Ray fur. This way, I mage the roots near the water.
    11. Granite Rock


The ground is made out of three materials in VRayBlendMtl with the use of the Falloff map:

  1. Soil
  2. Grassy Forest Roots 2×2 M
  3. Moist Soil
  4. Dried Water Grass
  5. Dollarweed Leaves

Materials 4 and 5 were made in VRayBlendMtl by combining procedural noise and VRayDirt map.


  1. Plant Annuals
  2. Acacia – used as sparse bushes
  3. Basket Grass – grass on the borderline of the slope and general surface
  4. Ribbon Grass – grass on the slope
  5. Desert Grass – grass in the water (yes, it’s dry)
  6. Grass Clumps – grass under the trees
  7. Tall Grass – sparse long grass blades for variation

All the vegetation was distributed throughout the scene with the help of the wonderful Forest Pack.

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