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Anthem Apparently Bricking PS4’s in new Patch Gamers Classified

BioWare is known for amazing games, but sometimes, a company can release something so toxic that no matter how much you patch it, it’ll never be fixed. The flurry of rapid patches being applied to Anthem is one example of this. Worse yet, the newest patch of Anthem seems to be causing issues with the PS4- force shutting it down at unexpected times and potentially deleting all data or causing problems with the system (and as someone who has had their PS4 plug accidentally get pulled out, causing the loss of all my save files, I can relate to the frustration a little too well.) One member on Reddit apparently had their PS4 completely bricked, saying “My playstation has been completely bricked to the point of not even turning on because of Anthem.” (Full statement and others with issues in the thread above.) This is unacceptable- and I’m sure BioWare and EA are scrambling to make yet another patch to fix this issue.

Source: Anthem EA Website

I’m not going to lie and say that this problem is all BioWare or EA’s fault, I do have major issues with the PS4 going into sleepmode and occasionally forget when turning off the powerbase, I just don’t keep all my consoles plugged in at once, it would mess with my retro section and network of splitters I have connecting everything at once. Not everyone will have gripes, but it is a tad annoying to make sure to hold down the home button and navigate the menu to properly turn it off, then wait for the cool-down period when it’s safe to finally turn the power socket off. With all of this drama, people are coming out in mobs on Twitter, asking for refunds through the AskPlaystation tag- and some even still, have been allegedly refused a refund or further comment. So far, no issues have come to my attention that Xbox One copies are causing issues, but as a safety precaution, I would strongly suggest that if you play Anthem, you stop for a while until further notice.

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