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Bit Quest II for the Atari 2600

After the conclusion of the first Bit Quest game, the evil Baron von Darkbit turned his back on forty years of video game tradition and, instead of recapturing the Princess for the sequel, captured the Hero. In Bit Quest II it’s up to the Princess to defeat the Baron, rescue the Hero, restore peace to the land and set up the inevitable Bit Quest III, featuring a marriage counselor who must help the couple find happiness by building a strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect rather than the superficial thrill that comes from the endless cycle of abduction and rescue. To rescue the Hero, the Princess must find the four magic keys that unlock Baron von Darkbit’s castle and defeat the Baron in combat. The keys are hidden in dungeons scattered throughout the land and guarded by a variety…

Overkill’s The Walking Dead console releases put on hold, may never come out

Back when it dropped in November on PC I said that Overkill’s The Walking Dead doesn’t really know what it wants to be, and it seems as if publisher Starbreeze Studios doesn’t either. After an overwhelmingly tepid response amid a currently low playerbase (following an early shuffle into the fray due to the strong staying power of zombies and The Walking Dead brand), Starbreeze has “postponed” the release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead on consoles. Originally the plan was to update the game steadily on PC, add more episodes, then ease into an early February launch on PS4 and Xbox One with enhancements and fixes. As I said a few months ago there is a chance that Overkill could course correct and make things right by the time the console editions arrived, but now that plan is in jeopardy. According to the publisher…

Westworld Mobile shuts down following legal rift with Bethesda

Android and iOS release Westworld Mobile has announced that it is to pull down the shutters in three months time. The app has already been removed from digital storefronts, with the game’s servers going offline April 16. Players are being encouraged to spend up any remaining in-game currency.The announcement was made via a statement on Twitter by developer Behaviour Games. Although no specific reason was stated for the closure, Behaviour has recently come out of a vicious legal battle with Bethesda, who sued the developer on the grounds that Westworld Mobile uses the same source code as their own Fallout Shelter. As Behaviour Games are responsible for the creation of both titles, this was not seen as a far-fetched claim, especially when bugs identical to those found in Fallout Shelter also reared their head in Westworld Mobile. Although the case was…


For the past two years, Neil Reive, an administrator of Facebook group, Amstrad CPC CLASSIC GAMING & DEMO’s, has researched every Amstrad CPC / Plus game that has ever been reviewed in magazines from back in the day and come up with an aggregated rating of those games. With this data, he compiled a TOP […] is a website about gamedev, tech, blog, personal shared space unshackled from bullshit.

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