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Tag: VR

A Dreams Dev Is Planning A Star Wars VR Level With This Awesome Lightsaber

The question everyone asked has been answered; yes, you can make a lightsaber in Dreams. And you can wield it with a PlayStation Move controller too. Reddit user magnumninja recently shared a look at his version of the iconic Star Wars sword. It was built in the ongoing creator beta for Dreams. The developer created a pretty solid green saber, but Move control allows you to wield it like Luke Skywalker himself. Crucially, magnumninja says this is the first step in plans to build out a Star Wars VR level. The Dreams beta doesn’t have VR support, but it does allow everyone to get to grips with the tools. As far as we understand, VR levels will have to be built within VR itself. magnumninja is considering building out a first-person ‘Jedi Academy-like’ like level for PSVR….

Introduction to 3D Painting in VR

Eric Giessmann talked about 3D painting in VR they do together with Piers Goffart at LAVAMACHINE and discussed VR painting tools, software, animation, the difference between “classic” digital art and VR, its peculiarities and essential things to start with if you want to embark on this field. SONY DSC Introduction My Name is Eric Giessmann. I am a freelance director and animator for animated short films from Dormagen near Cologne, Germany. I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember and it started with Bob Ross, Comics and Mangas. I also always liked to create jump&run or roleplay games by myself, with colored pencils on paper first and a few years later – on my first PC. I remember how I started with drawing on paper, stop motion and all that up to the computer animation. In Holland, I studied animation and specialized…

CES 2019: DisplayLink Showing Wireless Adapter Reference Design For Oculus Rift

At CES 2019 DisplayLink is showing off a reference design for a wireless adapter for the Oculus Rift. The company first showed off wireless VR all the way back at E3 2017. The prototype, in cooperation with Intel, became the official HTC Vive wireless adapter in 2018. There already is a wireless adapter on the market for the Rift- the TPCast. But the HTC Vive adapter powered by DisplayLink seems to have less issues and an easier setup, so this could be a welcome addition to the Rift. Of course, the main issue with all existing wireless VR adapters is price. Both the TPCast and HTC adapter sell for around $300. This is almost as much as the entire Rift package price- now $349. The fact DisplayLink powers the HTC adapter raises the tantalizing possibility that…