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Epic Games Store brings refund policy in line with Steam

The Epic Games Store has updated its refund policy. Now, just like on Steam, you can return a game for any reason within 14 days of purchase, providing you’ve played it for less than two hours in total. As well as updating the terms on their site, Epic’s director of publishing strategy Sergey Galyonkin (who you might know better as ‘that guy behind SteamSpy’) tweeted the announcement, where he also shed some light on a few of the store’s other frequently asked questions. (more…)

Caverna do Dragão

Transcrição: Visitante: Esse tal de Gérson é tão perigoso assim quanto dizem?! Suporte: Você lembra do Vingador de Caverna do Dragão? Visitante: Sim! Suporte: O Gérson é o Tiamat. Continuação da tirinha de ontem. Caverna do Dragão é um post do blog Vida de Suporte.

SMS na tela

COLE ESSE CÓDIGO EM SEU SITE Fonte: Vida de Programador Transcrição ↓ real historia; string sender = “mvbortolli”; Usuário (por telefone): O sistema está mostrando um SMS na tela… Programador: O quê? Um SMS? Como assim? Usuário: Ué? Você não sabe o que é um SMS? Programador: Na tela, não. O que é um SMS? Usuário: Meu Deus! Pensei que você trabalhasse com computadores! Um SMS é uma mensagem na tela! Programador: PLOFT! — Camiseta: Pelo menos não chama de torpedo O artigo “SMS na tela” foi originalmente publicado no site Vida de Programador, de Andre Noel.

Just Another Blackout Comic

Click for full size My old street used to have blackouts all the time, mostly because it was a shitty street in a poor region and thus probably received fewer resources when it comes to maintenance. My new street, however, is one a fancier hood, with lots of trees. The trees are so nice we aren’t allowed to cut them and thus they grow and grow and eventually their branches break the power lines. Technically some preventive pruning is allowed but between the responsible parties tardiness and the occasional rain and wind, this means I gotta to experience more power failures. Thus today’s comic. is a website about gamedev, tech, blog, personal shared space unshackled from bullshit.

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