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Back to the other house

Nothing is never as easy as it seems.

I was four months away from home and my computer and now that I have returned it seems years have passed … Before traveling I left all equipment configured and working 100% considering that I arrived here on March 1st some of the problems I faced were:

  • PC did not want to upgrade to Windows 10 1809, I had to download the update wizard and force the update.
  • MacMini received an update from MacOS Mojave 10.14.3, updated the Apple Store stopped working completely, it took some time to get it back up again. Immediately I went to test my MacOS image on VMWare, updated and gave the same problem with slightly different solution, more time lost with updates that should be simple …
  • ArchLinux Google Assistant I do not know why I changed the audio output to HDMI instead of the sound box, corrected including a line to ignore the HDMI audio in the raspberry boot / config.txt.
  • Volumio update 2.555, I used version 2.30-some-thing and I was updating the version yesterday, as I always forgot that I use the Raspberry 2 with a USB Wireless 5Ghz (Realtek RTL8812bu AC1200 Wireless Adapters) which is usually a bag to install the driver on Linux. It took me hours to re-find the topic with the hint to solve the problem (Thanks MrEngman for the script):=
    Driver installation impossible? RTL8812AU
    sudo wget -O /usr/bin/install-wifi
    sudo chmod + x /usr/bin/install-wifi
    sudo install-wifi
  • Ouya … Hahaha … What to say, I read somewhere that there was an updated version of Lineage OS for Ouya, I did not resist and installed, and it works! As incredible as it sounds, pure Android 4.4 KitKat in Ouya … It’s pretty bad but it worked and removed that grisly Ouya Store. I would like to see some version of pure Linux for Ouya, it would probably be more useful to turn it into a Linux mini-server than trying to use it with Android.
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4K, I discovered that works well with a new 3.5 TFT LCD that I bought for a new Raspberry Pi3B +, now I’m undecided on moving the RPi3B + to another LCD larger 5 ” (800×400 resolution that does not work with Amazon Sitck4K) and let that small 3.5 “LCD for the AmazonStick4K …
  • BeagleboneBlack, something happened that Node-RED and Cloud9 stopped working completely on it, it took me a long time to get them to work again. I need to remember to try to install Node-RED and Cloud9 on some Raspberries to confirm they work well and use them more often.
  • The End of Inoreader, I use rss feeds a lot, I think 90% of my internet browsing is through feeds and for some years I used Inoreader as the center of all feeds. I even post celebrated when I can connect WordPress here from with my Inoreader share, the Wildweb session was automatically generated that way. I read something interesting, clicked on share, it appeared here on the site … Unfortunately Inoreader decided to change some rules and collect user subscriptions, so I abandoned the tool and decided to completely change product. It cost me some time and work, I had to mount a Docker + Postgres + TinyTinyRSS inside Synology, then the new TinyTinyRSS shared channel did not work with the CyberSEO Lite (CyberSyn) plugin that imports rss into WordPress … but it ended up working, now I need to get used to using direct access from my local server instead of the Inoreader app.
  • GIT Portable Server, last month I posted the idea of ​​creating a Portable GIT server to use in Gamejams and other multi-user projects where internet access is not ideal (see: Portable GIT Server for GameJams?), I liked the idea and created the server. It works very well and quickly (luckily and coincidentally a 100GB SSD appeared). I installed Linux Kali (or KaliPi) which added a few extra hours of troubleshooting until I could make Kali work as I would like it to be on this Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless.

That’s it, 4 days have passed since I returned home and the impression I have is that all I did was give support and maintenance and repair the software of others …

Here are photos of the Portable GIT Server and the new RPi3B with case and monitor 3.5 ” TFT LCD:


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