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Wot I Think: Trüberbrook Rock, Paper, Shotgun

I’ve mentioned before that I love miniatures. The best part of travelling on planes is buying the teeny tiny versions of shampoo bottles that are allowed through security. It’s like my shampoo at home, but smaller! So I was immediately drawn to the idea of ‘handmade’ adventure games like Trüberbrook (or the still to be released Harold Halibut).

You see Trüberbrook, a point ‘n’ click adventure game set in 1960s Germany, uses physical sets, in miniature, which are then magically put in your computer (using photogrammetry, but as we know any sufficiently advanced form of technology is indistinguishable from magic, so: they are magically put in your computer). They’re then populated with digital characters made to look like handmade miniatures, and away you go, solving a weird mystery.


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