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WordPress is a huge Turtle

So, I’m trying to clean the source code of the page, I went to Word Press Optimization tips, where I suppose to find how to improve performance… The true is that it’s shit!

Check your host? Check Google Page Stats? Check my hemorrhoids?

Fuck off WordPress this is your laziness lazing around… Come one WP! Just read the bloody page source code, this is a fucking new web site, full control, empty database.

WordPress JetPack alone is fuckin’ raping the browser render timings, then Elementor is also weighing in and I never used it, after that “wp-block / bbp-default / dashincons / bp-noveaus / customify-inline-css, Jetpack , WPGlobus, BuddyPress, MediaElement, Utils”, what that fuck? My main header is huge, my render timing is abmissal… For what?
Can I choose to render Forum only on Forum Pages? Can I choose to render Elementor if only I use Elementor?
Can I choose the which HEADER and META and STYLE my page have before I send to the viewer? Looks like it’s time to hack the fucking PHP buffer or just let it go and fuck off the viewer…


Comments are welcome.