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UE HLSL Material Plugin

Originally tweeted by Victor Careil (@phyronnaz) on 01/11/2021.

Ever wanted to write HLSL in Unreal?

The HLSL Material plugin now supports defines, includes, bool/texture parameters, default values…

Errors are also clickable, redirecting here to the awesome #RiderForUnrealEngine!

#ue4 #indiedev #gamedev

Bool parameters work by creating a binary tree of all the possible permutations, and creating a custom node for each one

Defines & includes work by simple filling up the Additional Defines/Includes properties on the custom nodes.

Editing included files will also trigger an automatic refresh of the material functions!

Default parameter values work by parsing the default value text & filling up the function input based on that.

For bools it creates a StaticBool node.

If you're working in a large team and can't easily push plugins to your repo, no worries!

You can install the plugin locally: the generated material functions are useable even without the plugin being installed 🙂

Experimenting with auto-generating material parameters as well with a custom metadata syntax 🤔

Pretty useful for parameters only ever set by code

Originally tweeted by Victor Careil (@phyronnaz) on 01/11/2021.


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