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TutorialSound Design & Alien: Isolation – Part 6: Sound FX & Reverb with FREE audio Unreal Engine Forums – Community Content, Tools and Tutorials

In this video create an Audio Blueprint using a static mesh model, to insert anywhere in the game.

We add different Reverb types to the Main Room and Corridors and use the Console Command to get them working.

Finally, we look at the additional sounds I’ve placed in different places around this small scene in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of Alien: Isolation (but really, in an attempt to replicate how Alien: Isolation’s sound designers dressed the fantastic sets of that game with their awesome sounds).

It would be great to see what you soundscapes you create based on what we’ve covered so far in this series!

For more on Reverb, check out my explanation video of all the settings here:

You can download my sounds here:
You’re free to use and edit my sounds under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

We’re using the Modular Scifi Season 2 Starter Bundle by Jonathon Frederick which you can download for free here on the Epic Marketplace:…starter-bundle

Video: Alien: Isolation, SEGA
Audio: Intro Music: ‘(Soon Be) Home with You’; Outro Music: ’80s Cop Show’, both by Valkyrie Sound

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