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Ray Tracing in Games with UE 4.22 80lvl

Check out this official video from Unreal Engine, where Sjoerd De Jong demonstrates how to build visually appealing environments with raytracing.

This is a video we’ve been long waiting for. During GDC 2019 the amazing Sjoerd De Jong talked about the way you can use raytracing in games. During his presentation, he showed how to mix raytracing and traditionally rendered elements in a typical game environment. He covered a lot of important topics like soft shadows, reflections, translucency, global illumination and also touched o the questions of optimization and performance.

Sjoerd De Jong also talked about some of the drawbacks this tech has and how you can actually start playing with it. It should be noticed that Unreal Engine 4.22 was used for this demo, but this build has not been released yet. It will be available online very soon.

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