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Light and Exposure Unit Converter for UE4 – via @BrianLeleux

• Use in versions 4.22 and newer. • Convert Luminance(cd/m²) to Illuminance(Lux), and vice versa. • Get Exposure Value(EV) from Illuminance with common real-world uses. • Get the suggested shutter speed or aperture that results in the same exposure as the generated EV for Manual exposure setups. The zip includes a readme and 3 uassets: LightUnitConverter – UMG and Blueprint actor for the editor. ExposureVaueStrings – String Table that includes the EV usages the Blueprint reads from. LuminanceMeter – A simple material for measuring luminance. Refer to this Twitter thread for more information about the process behind physical units and another measuring option that is native to the editor since version 4.24: Thanks!

Source: Physical Unit Converter for UE4


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