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Dead Game

Dead Game

Nothing much else to say about Artifact expect perhaps to write it’s an obituary.

My opinion is, outside of being a paid game in a market saturated with F2P options, the game is made toward a single person, and JUST that kind of person.

It lacks brain dead aggro decks, or super gimmick control deck, they are this snowbally mid-range deck where you don’t really have full control of the board.

Or perhaps the game is just bad, with how little control you have of where your units attack and how you need to keep tabs of multiple stuff, the reason why so many people keep saying the game is mentally taxing, like playing chess with invisible pieces.

I just wish Valve had used its resources to make a 2d platformer game instead, I’d love to see what this kind of game would be with how much resources and polish they dumped on this failed project.

I think the game is so far gone even if they wanted to bring it back it would be easier to start a new game instead of trying to bring this one from the dead.


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