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Blank12 – A draft UI / UX study

By chance I've got the screenshot with Samus reflection




After a quick study of the various features of the Unreal Engine UMG UI, I ended up researching and found a great article in SuperJump’s Top 5 Best Video Games UIs, it’s certainly an impractical idea to learn to do something and immediately try to imitate the best at it.

Yet I created Blank12 to try to generate and imitate these various UIs / UXs while following the lessons learned in past projects of maintaining the minimum package size parity such as HTML5 and hosting in ASW S3.

I’ve learned and evolved a lot but now I’m interrupting this prototype (and consequently posting unfinished) because basically I used almost all UE4 UGUI objects on the home screen and with the Metroid theme.

Maybe the most important lesson in this “homework” was how to do translations.


8 files, 23.5 MB
3 custom fonts.
Some arts and backgrounds.


Translations didn’t work on HTML5.
The screen doesn’t resize properly and menus got offset.
ShifT+Tab didn’t work on browser.

By chance I've got the screenshot with Samus reflection
Blank12 – A draft UI / UX study


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