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Love The Sega Ages Range? Then 8Bitdo Has Made Your Dream Controller

As well as a new Retro Receiver for the Genesis / Mega Drive.If you’ve been loving Sonic and Thunder Force IV on your Switch lately, you might be interested to learn that 8Bitdo – makers of many a fine controller – are releasing a Sega-inspired pad which will no doubt become the interface of your dreams.Based on the design of the fantastic 6-button Genesis / Mega Drive pad, the M30 isn’t a ‘new’ product as such – we already know it’s launching alongside the forthcoming Analogue Mega Sg – but the confirmation that this pad is also compatible with Switch is welcome.Read the full article on

Linux Mint 19.1: A sneaky popular distro skips upheaval, offers small upgrades

Enlarge / Cinnamon 4.0’s new look in Linux Mint 19.1 (credit: Scott Gilbertson) While Ubuntu and Red Hat grabbed most of the Linux headlines last year, Linux Mint, once the darling of the tech press, had a relatively quiet year. Perhaps that’s understandable with IBM buying Red Hat and Canonical moving back to the GNOME desktop. For the most part Linux Mint and its developers seemed to keep their heads down, working away while others enjoyed the limelight. Still, the Linux Mint team did churn out version 19, which brought the distro up to the Ubuntu 18.04 base. While the new release may not have garnered mass attention, and probably isn’t anyone’s top pick for “the cloud,” Linux Mint nevertheless remains the distro I see most frequently in the real world. When I watch a Linux tutorial or screen…

‘Tasty!’ Check out this Mortal Kombat arcade chocolate cake

You may recall that a few weeks back we posted an article about the talented Christine McConnell, who had been commissioned by NetherRealm/Warner Bros. to create a gingerbread cake in the style of the classic Mortal Kombat dragon logo. It was a sight to behold.It seems as though McConnell – who carries the enviable resume of baker, photographer, clothing designer, interior decorator, blogger and TV show host – wasn’t finished, as she has revealed another amazing Mortal Kombat cake, only this time shaped in the form of the classic 1992 arcade cabinet.The frosted coin-op features hand-painted side-art, accurate control panel and even yer boy Raiden smashing through the display. The base is also decorated with a grisly puddle of blood and the skulls of a few hapless victims. Really impressive work, though I am kinda hungry now…You can check out more…

Have You Played… The Room?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.I’ve never understood why The Room is called The Room and not The Box. Yes, the box is in a room, but your eyes are so drawn to this ornate toy that you don’t ponder what is happening around you. And it really is a good game about boxes: the mystery of what’s inside them, the thrill of prising one open and… er, that’s about it. But that’s arguably everything that is good about boxes. (Okay, so stamping them flat for recycling is also good fun, but that would make for quite a brief puzzle game.) The important thing, is that Fireproof do both of these things very well. (more…)

Check Out These Celebrities as Mortal Kombat Characters by BossLogic

Since Mortal Kombat 11‘s reveal a few weeks ago, there has been some hype surrounding NetherRealm’s long-running franchise. For me, a lot of that hype is due to nostalgia but also Ronda Rousey’s inclusion in the game. It’s not that the WWE Superstar and former UFC fighter is actually lending her voice to Sonya Blade but the prospect of other celebrities providing their voices to some of gaming’s most well-known characters. Artist BossLogic has taken it a step further and created some really great depictions of celebrities as Mortal Kombat characters. Seen on the BossLogic Instagram page, much of the artist’s recent work revolves around these depictions with the most recent post flaunting Michael Fassbender (Alien: Covenant, Steve Jobs) as the thunder god Raiden. Give them a look: In my mind, a lot…

Release week deals: Resident Evil 2 up to 25% off for PC

Arguably one of the bigger title thus far in 2019, Resident Evil 2 is now released and the accolades are building up. (Review here). At last check, gamers on Steam Store have an overwhelmingly positive rating on the title, with positive ratings at over 96%. Essentially for those who haven’t tried the game or the 1-shot demo yet, the general consensus is that the game is a great balance between nostalgia and modern gameplay. For those thinking of picking up the game after all the raving reviews, we’ve rounded up some slick savings for release week. As with usual, PC gamers can enjoy discounts of up to 25% off for both the Standard and Deluxe Edition of the game at $45 and ~$52 respectively. Conversely, PS4 gamers who don’t mind going digital can also pick up a 7% discount on Resident…

Blizzard Ex-Producer Accuses Sony USA of Censoring Games and Enforcing “Puritanism”

Are we entering a “new wave of puritanism hitting games”? Blizzard Ex-Producer Mark Kern seems to think so, as noted in a series of Tweets — as well as a recent trend of stories that boost his claims. While many accusations of Sony USA and PlayStation dictating content to developers, rarely will someone within the development or publisher community chime in. Not so with Mark Kern, a Blizzard Ex-Producer who worked on World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo II. In a chain Tweet yesterday, Kern lashed out at PlayStation and Sony USA, accusing them of censoring Sony Japan’s content and taking part in “a new wave of puritanism hitting games”: I do find it disturbing that the US is imposing their current moral panic on other countries and cultures and foreign game developers. The US being world police on morality is what I…

Fortnite Creator Tim Sweeney Puts Millions of Dollars Toward Conserving North Carolina Forests

With the recent government shutdown, US wilderness areas have really suffered. Even national parkland has been subject to pollution, illegal off-roading, and other maltreatment. With so much disheartening news out there, it is great to read something which lifts up our hearts—like that Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney puts millions of dollars into protecting forests in North Carolina. Here is How Fortnite Creator Tim Sweeney Is Protecting Forest Land Fortnite fans probably know that Tim Sweeney is more than just the game’s creator. He is also a founder of Epic Games. Over the years, Sweeney has made billions of dollars on his games. With that money, he has been purchasing forest and mountain land in North Carolina. Sweeney hasn’t been doing this at random either. He’s been choosing specific areas such as the Box Creek Wilderness. Spots like these feature exceptional biodiversity….

Facebook Facing Criticism Over New “Friendly Fraud” Info Involving Games Revealed

Facebook reportedly allowed developers to obscure real-money transactions, while profiting millions from minors who made purchases without permission from their parents.CBS News reports that just-released documents from a 2012 lawsuit show that Facebook was aware of the problem of kids making purchases through its games and apps without their parents’ consent. In part, the suit alleges, this was because Facebook allowed developers to obscure the transactions in which a credit card would be charged.The suit was filed by Glynnis Bohannan, whose 12-year-old son racked up almost $1,000 playing Ninja Saga. When she discovered the charges and asked her son about them, he showed her that the stack of in-game currency would blink when it depleted, and he would click to make the coins replenish–all without any indication that it was charging real money.The practice is called “friendly fraud,” a common anti-fraud…