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Slightly Mad Studios Presents the New Mad Box Design

Even though the future of console gaming is uncertain, there are companies willing to bring their own creations. Slightly Mad Studios is one of those companies who recently took the gaming world by storm with the announcement of their console: The Mad Box. The console is going to be the “Most powerful console ever” according to the CEO of the company, Ian Bell. However, after the initial designs of the console were shown to the public. Many people were disappointed by the rather exotic design. The criticism towards the initial design was swift and scathing. However, Ian Bell listened to it and Slightly Mad Studios responded almost immediately. The New Design of the Mad Box is Revealed The announcement was made through Ian Bell’s Twitter once again. The CEO of Slightly Mad Studios presented the new design of the Mad…


For the past two years, Neil Reive, an administrator of Facebook group, Amstrad CPC CLASSIC GAMING & DEMO’s, has researched every Amstrad CPC / Plus game that has ever been reviewed in magazines from back in the day and come up with an aggregated rating of those games. With this data, he compiled a TOP […]

The Perils of Being Tied to the Steam Third Party Game Distribution DRM System

Much has been written all over the internet about the anti-consumer effects of DRM (Digital Rights Management, or more accurately, Digital Restrictions Management) which infects virtually all digital content nowadays, including that on Steam and other content delivery platforms such as Origin and Uplay. Notable exceptions are and CD Projekt Red with their Witcher games series – big respect for these guys. Somehow they still make decent profits even without DRM… Wccftech recently reported that Steam no longer supports Windows XP or Vista from 1st Jan 2019. On the face of it, this might seem reasonable, since these are old operating systems that hardly anyone uses. But, there’s a sinister side effect to this that’s not obvious at first glance: Valve are dictating what games you can actually play – for games that you have a perpetual licence for….

Charity Event Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over $2.3 Million

 Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), the annual speedrunning event that raises funds for charity, raised over $2.3 million this year for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The official final tally came in at midnight last night, with its official numbers at an incredible $2,394,668. This beats its previous record from last year, where the event raised $2.2 million. This year’s week-long event took place from January 6 to 13, where speedrunners raced through titles like Bloodborne, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, and more. The grand total for #AGDQ2019: $2,394,668. Thank you to everyone for supporting this event. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you. — Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) January 13, 2019 The organizers are already looking towards their next speedrunning event, Summer Games Done Quick, which they announced will be held from June 23 to 30.

Katana Zero Shows Off Its Heavy Synths and Swords in a New Trailer

A new trailer dropped for upcoming Indie action game Katana Zero, and it certainly delivers some top-speed action in a 64-bit package. The side scroller game immerses itself in a cyberpunk aesthetic, with heavy synths and excessive uses of neon. But what sticks out most of all is its combat. Katana Zero looks like it lives for its speed with quick killing with well…a katana. You can quickly strike enemies as you pass by or deflect oncoming bullets for stylish kills. There also seems to be some motorcycle combat so you can get your Akira fix in 2019. Probably the most interesting mechanic in the game is the ability to slow time so you can get that dodge or kill in the most badass way possible. Levels seem to vary from dark cities, mansions, and even mines. All of these levels I’m sure will have…

Você já pensou em trabalhar com outra coisa? (4)

COLE ESSE CÓDIGO EM SEU SITE Fonte: Vida de Programador Veja também o Programador como: Cabelereiro Açougueiro Pedreiro Transcrição ↓ P.A.: Cara, alguma vez você já pensou em largar tudo de programação e fazer outra coisa da vida? Programador: Pra falar a verdade, eu já fiz isso, mas não deu certo… (Programador trabalhando como pintor) Pessoa: Mas o que é isso?? Era pra pintar a casa, não para pixar!!! Programador: Ah, não… Eu só coloquei um placeholder pra depois colocar a cor certa… (a parede da casa em branco, escrito nela: #4D4D4D) — Camiseta: Você não escolhe a programação, a programação escolhe você Outra camiseta: Tudo o que sei aprendi no paintbrush O artigo “Você já pensou em trabalhar com outra coisa? (4)” foi originalmente publicado no site Vida de Programador, de Andre Noel.