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Beta release!

Looking better and faster.

As always what was to be only last adjustments and quick improvements turned into a marathon 2 days of codes.

After publishing the previous post I received an update of WordPress 5.0.3, read the changelog, confirmed that nothing very important had been changed and updated …

Unfortunately I had made several changes, both aesthetic and in the source code, including jQuery 3.3.1, setting my name on the of the site, among other things.

Well, how to explain what happened besides: Fucked up! Each page took more than 30 seconds to process on the server, I started getting database timeout errors in PHP.LOG, it was all fucked up.

From “Ready for Beta” I went back to “Pre-Alpha, format everything and start over”, by experience / luck / care I have maintained a versioning of the site in my local developer environment, by disabling some functions in functions.php and removing the jQuery 3.3.1 of the code and reboot the server (1st law of computing: when everything else fails / before anything else, turn it off and on) AWS + PHP + WordPress has returned to work quickly and successfully.

After a bit of work, I decided that the structure was not satisfactory, I do not want to use the blog to publish snippets and corrections, blog is blog, server to write a lot and talk shit pieces of code here in the middle would be lost in the flood and worse than I could even remember where I posted what / when.

It was when the idea to open Knowledge Base / Knowledge Base came up, I think it was much better, the codes are simple, dedicated posts for corrections, easy to search, correct for SEO.

There is a lot more to work on and improve, but for now comes WordPress / PHP / HTML / CSS, it focuses on what the purpose of the site is … This is to be about GameDev not about how to fix wordpress or publish sites .


Comments are welcome.