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WorldKit: a New Tool for Building Large Worlds 80lvl

Adam Brown has recently presented a new tool that provides a unique and quick way to build large-scale worlds for games and multimedia – WorkldKit. It allows to easily modify the main forms of the landscape and see the results in real-time.

The creator says:

“By removing a lot of reliance on randomly generated noise, WorldKit can produce more deterministic and calculated output. WorldKit starts by quickly filling in the broad strokes of your landforms, and provides real-time visual feedback. You can then refine your map and work your way down to the smaller details, all the time getting relevant feedback as you work. This new way of doing things gives you full control over the world you are shaping, while at the same time handling all of the tedious details for you so that you can focus on being creative.” Read more here.

Some highlights mentioned:

  • Generate large detailed worlds in seconds with a couple of clicks
  • Modify the shape and layout of your world easily with paint-like tools
  • Place your rivers mountains and features exactly where you want them quickly and easily just by drawing splines
  • Get a set of distinct and interesting looking terrain types built in that flow together seamlessly
  • Adjust the detail scale of your world quickly with a slider which lets you adjust the size of the terrain features without disrupting your overall layout
  • Export a static mesh, full terrain textures, or texture tiles for elevation and masks ready for direct import into UE4 using World Composition
  • The alpha is going to be available to Kickstarter backers in March.

To demonstrate the abilities of WorldKit, Adam collaborated with GrimFox Games and put into action the alpha build of WorldKit to produce the world used in RoboGenesis. See what they got in the result.

The WorldKit project for RoboGenesis:

In-engine screenshots of RoboGenesis:

How much time did it take?

“The entire world for RoboGenesis took about two hours of work to design in WorldKit. All of the basic landforms and terrain were there on export from WorldKit. About 10 hours were spent in engine tweaking and modifying the terrain to be suitable for gameplay. Modifications included better definition and refining of rivers, smoothing of shorelines, adding ramps to get between some terrain levels, addition of lakes in some areas and smoothing minor anomalies in the terrain.”

Learn more information about WorldKit on Polycount and Kickstarter.

Ultimate River Tool is a powerful and easy component for Unreal Engine 4 that allows you to make rivers with automatic flow-map UV warping, cascades, and interactions with physical objects.

All future updates are included and will be available for download as soon as they are released.

Check the full feature list

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