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World Machine: Alpine Lakes Build 80lvl

The new ‘Alpine Lakes’ build of World Machine is focused on water and the effect it has on users’ terrains. Alpine Lakes changes the way World Machine deals with water, providing tools to help shape terrains so water can flow as users intend.

“You can now add lakes and rivers, drive new beautiful texturing based on soil wetness, and even have World Machine recraft your terrain by breaking through ridges and creating new drainage basins according to hydrodynamic principles,” states the team.

“Even if you have no desire to export water geometry, capturing more of the effects of water on the terrain will have a profound effect on your world.”

Water now has its own datatype and can be visualized independently or with the terrain. The team states that it consists of geometry defining elevation and depth along with velocity. Users can export the water geometry as a mesh and quickly include bodies of water on their terrains.

You can learn more about the new version here.

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