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Unity 2019.2 Available 80lvl

Unity 2019.2 has been released, bringing a number of notable changes. The team continues to develop its engine as a more flexible and feature-rich platform for developers.

Artist Tools

Polybrush is now available as a preview package, letting developers sculpt complex shapes from any 3D model, position detail meshes, paint in custom lighting or coloring, and blend textures across meshes directly in the Editor.

ProBuilder 4.0, the latest version of Unity’s unique hybrid of 3D modeling and level-design tools, ships as verified with 2019.2. The update brings multiple improvements aimed at making it easier for rapid iteration and prototyping.

Next-Level Rendering

What is more, Unity 2019.2 adds OpenGL support to Unity’s Scriptable Render Pipeline batcher for iOS and Android, improving CPU performance for objects using LWRP. There’s also the experimental 2D Renderer with 2D Pixel Perfect and the new 2D Lights.

The update also focuses on gorgeous graphics for VR developers with support for Windows 10 or Direct3d11-based VR projects. Plus, there’s support for the Intel Open Image Denoise library and improved performance for the NVIDIA OptiX AI Denoiser.

You can find the full breakdown here.

Desert Eagle MAG50 by Abderrezek Bouhedda is a next-gen game-ready weapon modeled part by part including perfect UV Unwrapping and PBR Textures.

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