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UE4 Quadruped FBIK/CR Setup

Quadruped FBIK/CR setup "tutorial" thread. 1/n
#UE4 #UE4study
1. Overview pic. Back legs attached to pelvis, front to neck. TraceL is the length of the trace, FloorXX vars hold floor offset for each foot.

2. Save effector transforms into tmp vars. There is no need for IK bones with CR!

3. Make 4 vertical traces centered on each foot. CR operates in root bone space (root bone is always at 0). "Add 0" is just to have compact interp (vector interp is meaningless, normal interp node is big). Offsets stored in vars

4. IK! First, move pelvis to the lowest offset with setTransform, then use the FBIK. After fix the neck rotation. Foot to floor align is omitted. Constraints: angular stiffness only. No "force rotation"

Originally tweeted by Inu Games (@games_inu) on 19/10/2020.


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