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UE4 Gears 5 Technique – via @_JamesSharpe_

Here is a technique we used on Gears 5 to store 3D information in a single sample of a 3D texture. I'm keen to push this further as there are potentially a lot of good wins in regards to memory and performance.

The height is stored in the red and green channels of a texture and we used the blue and alpha channels to store the falloff and density.

With 2 layers of vector noise what have one distorting the other we can generate a bunch of information to modify and distort the resulting volumetric data.

When we use this data to drive the extinction and albedo values of a volumetric material in UE4 we get a very efficient solution for painting fog into the world.

This ended up being fast enough for us to update it dynamically 🙂

Originally tweeted by James Sharpe (@_JamesSharpe_) on 15/08/2020.


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