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UE4 Custom Buffer Visualization Materials

Did you know you can add a custom view mode to the buffer visualizations in #UnrealEngine4 ?
In the project's DefaultEngine.ini you can add a few lines to add any Post Process material you've made. I used this for easily checking Ray Tracing cost. (1/3)

Make a material you want to use and add it to the DefaultEngine.ini like so:
RayTracingCost=(Material="/Game/Developers/keoken16/M_PP_RTXCost.M_PP_RTXCost", Name=LOCTEXT("RTCostMat", "Ray Tracing Cost"))

After this you can select the material in the editors' viewport buffer visualization dropdown! (3/3)
#techart #UnrealEngine

If anyone's curious, this is a part of the material that checks the roughness against the reflection MaxRoughness. Close to 0 gets RT reflections so is green. Close to the MaxRoughness is rougher (more expensive) and colors red. Everything above MaxRoughness (no RT) is grey.

The final image:

Originally tweeted by Daniel Torkar (@DTorkar) on 14/12/2021.


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