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TutorialSound Design & Alien: Isolation – Part 5: Spawning Sounds with FREE audio Unreal Engine Forums – Community Content, Tools and Tutorials

In this video we create a custom Function to the Character Blueprint to randomly spawn sounds in a defined space around the Player. This is a really useful technique to create a sense of space and give the Player some audio clues about the environment they’re in!

You can download my sounds here:
You’re free to use and edit my sounds under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

We’re using the Modular Scifi Season 2 Starter Bundle by Jonathon Frederick which you can download for free here on the Epic Marketplace:

Video: Alien: Isolation, SEGA
Audio: Intro Music: ‘(Soon Be) Home with You’; Outro Music: ‘Far Away’, both by Valkyrie Sound

For an alternative version of this Function, check out the Forest Sounds video too:

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