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‘The Castle’ Lets You Choose Your Own Motley Vampire-Hunting Crew IndieGames

Inspired by Maniac Mansion, The Castle will have you choosing three of seven possible goofy vampire-hunting oddballs in hopes of using their skills to root out evil.

A vampire has a town gripped with fear, but seven brave people are out to defeat it. This being a video game, though, only three of those people will be allowed to help. The others will be forced to fret on the vampire’s lawn, which I am told is quite useful in stymieing a vampire’s plans.

Each of these people have their own puzzle-solving adventure game powers, so you can make the game easier or harder depending on the party you set up. It might not be easy to know just who the best team is at first, though. Does the reporter work well with the vampire-hunting nun? How about the paranormal agent? Or maybe the clever student might come in handy? What about a gal who really likes vampire novels? It’s on you to figure out the team that works best for you, or laugh at how bad things get if you put together an awful crew.

Don’t get too worked up about character benefits and defects, as you can work your way to five different endings based on what you do. Some of these endings require some odd tasks, so it’ll be good to spend a lot of time messing around with the game. Just don’t agitate the guards too much or you’ll find yourself in a rough spot. Hopefully there’s a secret switch somewhere nearby…

The Castle is available now on Steam.

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