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Socia Media Brands Reimagined by Sheng Lam 80lvl

Here’s something for your inspiration: alternative social brands imagined by concept artist Sheng Lam.

The artist came up with different looks and uses for well-known brands like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Netflix. Actually, the machines have tags that say Phasebook and Instogram, but you get the idea. It reminds us of how games like GTA use looks of well-known brands, but change them a little to make sure that everything’s okay in terms of the law.


The artist has also shared some other works like concepts of sharks, some random props, and sketches. You can find some of his works below.

You can learn more about his project here.

Smudges Pack by Emil Skriver is a set of high-quality 4K 16-bit textures. In 3D software, the textures are very powerful when used as material masks or as gloss, normal/bump or metallic variation. In that way, the textures will add definition to your materials that react in a realistic way.

Check the full description and other Surface Imperfection packs

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