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#MaterialMarathon: 10 Free Materials from Nikola Damjanov 80lvl

Nikola Damjanov has presented the first pack from his #MaterialMarathon series which features 10 free materials for your projects.

“Continuing my involvement in Substance Alchemist beta program I tasked myself in creating 100 daily materials. It was a total roller-coaster of an incredible ride. I’ve learned and achieved so much.”

The artist has shared 2K maps for free, and you can use them for any kind of projects.

Here are some shots from his marathon:

You can find more renders here. If you like the materials please consider donating and buying the artist a cup of coffee. You can learn more and get the pack here.

Water Stains Pack by Emil Skriver is a set of high-quality 4K 16-bit textures. In 3D software, the textures are very powerful when used as material masks or as gloss, normal/bump or metallic variation. In that way, the textures will add definition to your materials that react in a realistic way.

Check the full description and other Surface Imperfection packs

Contact Emil Skriver

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