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Long Lost Game – Hi-Ten Bomberman Found! Gamers Classified

NOTE: All of the following information was translated directly from Japanese, so some information might be slightly misinformed or badly translated by myself. Sorry for any inconvenience, all sources used will be linked to the original posts in Japanese if you feel the need to research the information for yourself.

It has just come out that Gaming Figure, Takahashi Masahito, has recovered a long lost Hudson Soft game – Hi-Ten Bomberman, originally shown off at the first Hudson Super Caravan Event in 1993. As far as we know so far, Takahashi-san stumbled upon the game in Tokyo- though how he did so wasn’t specified as far I can tell, likely in a BookOff or SoftOff (A Japanese chain store that mainly sells used software and games) or plainly in a storage box in his or a friends house.

Hi-Ten Bomberman is a PC Engine game (TurboGrafx-16 for the rest of the world) that was directly built up from the cult-classic, Saturn Bomberman. It’s title comes from High Definition (and Widescreen) Ten Player Bomberman. The game allows ten players to battle eachother all at once and is the highest definition a Holy Grail item for Hudson and Bomberman fans. Takahashi-san has tried to run the game and execute the files through his computer, but sadly had no luck – but with all things of this nature, I’m sure soon, a perfect dump will be made available soon to archive the game and preserve it’s legacy. Takahashi-san explained on his blog post regarding the Hi-Ten Bomberman disc that there were possibly only ten copies of this game made – and to be aware that it looks easy to be faked, since all of them seem to use a standard CD-R with handwritten labels. Since the game used a custom graphics card, it may a little tweaking before a clean dump of the disc has been made.

I will certainly be following the progress of this game and can’t wait to see what happens with it in the future. A big thank you to Shane Luis of Rerez for informing me of this discovery, The Bomberman Wiki for extra information and to Takahashi Masahito for reporting on this grail of a find.

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