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How your Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are made


China is hands-down the manufacturing Mecca for a PC hardware nerd like me. So when I had the opportunity to see the magic happening first-hand I immediately packed a bag and travelled the 6,000-odd miles from the Shire-like West of England to the smog-choked Mordor of Dongguan in China to see just how such technical wonders are created. Like many PC gamers I automatically expect my expensive, complex lump of graphics processing goodness to just work, giving practically zero thought to where it’s come from or how it got here. But when I was given the chance to see first-hand the latest batch of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards being created and tested before my jet-lagged eyeballs I immediately jumped at it. And yeah, I now have a new appreciation for both the engineers who solder, screw, and test every single card as well as the marvellous machines that help them do it. Seriously, those little robotic component-placing magicians are mesmerising. I could watch them all day… which might make me more suited to factory work in China than I might have initially expected.

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