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Free Material Pack Stylized – 02 – by Julio Sillet 3D Art

This Materials are part of my procedural materials exercise with Substance Designer. Download link in the Text file.To see future Packs that I’m making you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Artstation.You can also check my Patreon if you want to support my work. This pack is part of the All in 99 Procedural Materials Pack Vol.2, if you want the source files(SBS+SBSAR) you can get it there.Description:9 PBR Materials4k texturesInclude Diffuse/Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Height and MetallicBlender 2.8 fileMaterials:Stylized 10 Alien EggsStylized 11 BarrelsStylized 12 Roof RoundStylized 13 Roof SquareStylized 14 Desert TilesStylized 15 GrassStylized 16 Stone FloorStylized 17 Broken IceStylized 18 IceIf you like it consider donating so I can keep making free 3d content.This pack is licensed CC-BY.Any commercial application is allowed except reselling.

Source: Material Pack Stylized – 02

Source: Material Pack Stylized – 01


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