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Free Isometric Interiors For Unreal 80lvl

Have a look at another free UE4 pack: a set of isometric interiors for your cozy 3D levels.

Basically, the pack will help you set up nice-looking levels with the help of a number of assets for isometric games and other projects. All the props and environment assets are low poly for you to create your own game environments.

There are about 238 components for house interiors in a cartoon style: walls, floors, furniture, accessories, paintings, and more.

  • A variety of props to choose from
  • Easy to use, modular walls and floors
  • Demo scenes.
  • Pack runs smoothly on mobile devices.

You can learn more and get the pack here.

Modern Hospital Props VOL.2 by Dekogon is a bundle of high-quality assets and includes all the meshes, maps, materials, Blueprints, and effects created in the Unreal Engine. Each asset was created for realistic AAA quality visuals, style, and budget. Additionally includes RAW files (Obj, Fbx, and Textures) for use in other engines or software.

See the full description

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