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Free Environment Set For Unreal 80lvl

Go grab a huge free foliage library for forests, landscapes, grasslands, meadows, and mountains in Unreal.

The pack features a large library of carefully optimized, atlased foliage assets.


  • 8 fir trees
  • 7 poplar trees
  • 12 rocks
  • 26 grass models
  • 47 ground materials
  • 2 trunks
  • 6 roots
  • Tesselated landscape material with UV mix function
  • Demo scene from the trailer above

The pack also includes normal and auto covered materials for rocks to blend them with the landscape.

As for the ground textures, you will find sand, wet ground, grass, moss, rocks, stones, roads, dirt, leaves, litter, grass, pebbles, roots and more (perfectly tiled and prepared from scanned data).

You can learn more and get the pack here.

Ultimate River Tool is a powerful and easy component for Unreal Engine 4 that allows you to make rivers with automatic flow-map UV warping, cascades, and interactions with physical objects.

All future updates are included and will be available for download as soon as they are released.

Check the full feature list

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