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EbSynth: Turn Painting Into Hand-Drawn Animation 80lvl

The team of Secret Weapons shared their first tool called EbSynth that lets users turn paintings into hand-drawn animation. Free of charge!

First, check out the tool’s trailer below:

The process is quite simple: you just need to upload a video and a painting — the tool will do the rest. We’re not sure about the tech behind the tool, and it looks like some AI project, but the tutorial video states that it’s something else.

Yeah, you just a need a keyframe painting that will define your style. Please note that your painting should be precise enough so that the final video doesn’t lose your details. Make sure to watch the full tutorial video below to learn how you can get the best possible result.

You can learn more and get the tool here.

Desert Eagle MAG50 by Abderrezek Bouhedda is a next-gen game-ready weapon modeled part by part including perfect UV Unwrapping and PBR Textures.

See the full description

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