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CraftPix: Catchy Backgrounds for 2D Games 80lvl

The team of shared a list of high-quality backgrounds – free and premium – for your 2D games that will help you to create catchy visuals and attract the players. They also develop 2D Game Assets including icons, sprites, tilesets, characters, and more.

The success of the game strongly depends on good graphics. Gamers spoiled by the variety will not even try to understand the plot or mechanics if they do not like the visuals, and entering the list of games that can capture the attention of a player without good graphics is incredibly difficult. Therefore, you need to take care not only of the plot and game mechanics but also of visual content.

About the Collection

Backgrounds from this collection were created specifically for the development of 2D games. The selection is suitable primarily for arcades with the most simple controls, minimum plot and rich gameplay: platformers, fighting games, shooters, fliers and other non-3D games. You can use either raster (PNG or PSD format) or vector images (Al, EPS, and PNG). Almost all backgrounds are seamless, so you can make an infinite scrolling horizontally or vertically with the appropriate orientation. Repetitive elements look as unobtrusive as possible and do not draw the player’s eye while gluing places are not visible.

The choice of a background image primarily depends on your subject. The collection contains backgrounds on various topics from nature with forests or mountains to modern cities and sci-fi, so you can choose the perfect one for any genre.

  • The first backgrounds from the selection will especially please fans of old school arcades from the 90s. For example, the Planet Backgrounds are reminiscent of Bucky O’Hare, and the City Backgrounds have the spirit of Darkwing Duck, Double Dragon, and Contra.
  • The category of horizontal backgrounds for games like Dendy ones also includes Apocalyptic, Forest, Fantasy, Mountain. These backgrounds combine pixel art and some severity, perfect for action games. War and Destroyed City are not pixel, but fit perfectly the genre.
  • Street and sci-fi are smoother and more versatile. They can be represented with brutal shooters or fighting games, as well as with more neutral platformers.
  • There are also bright and juicy horizontal backgrounds: Sweet, Cartoon, Candy, Cartoon City, Ocean, Underwater World, Cartoon Forest, Jungle, Nature, Snowy, Beach, Stone. Those are ideal for children’s games, and even Halloween did not turn out to be too gloomy.
  • The next category is backgrounds for space shooters. They include 2 images with a vertical orientation and 2 with a parallax effect. They are more realistic and highly detailed.
  • In a separate category of vertical backgrounds, one can find pictures for Jump Games like the popular Doodle Jump. These options are distinguished by a warm, “cartoon” drawing, ideal for games of this genre.

Choose the suitable images for free, or buy a premium subscription and get even more high-quality backgrounds for 2D games. The entire collection is below.

Planet Pixel Art 2D Game Backgrounds

Pixel Art Game City Backgrounds

Free Pixel Art Fantasy 2D Battlegrounds

Mountain Pixel Art 2D Game Backgrounds

Free Post Apocalyptic Pixel Art Game Backgrounds

Pixel Art Forest 2D Backgrounds

Free Pixel Art Street 2D Backgrounds

Sci-Fi 2D Game Backgrounds

Space Shooter 2D Game Backgrounds

Space Vertical Game Backgrounds

Parallax Space Backgrounds

Space 2D Backgrounds

Jump Game Backgrounds

Jumping Up Game Backgrounds

Vertical Jumping Game Backgrounds

Jumping 2D Game Backgrounds

Free Fairy-Tale Game Backgrounds

Sweet 2D Game Backgrounds

Free Cartoon Parallax 2D Backgrounds

Candy 2D Game Backgrounds

Parallax Scrolling City Game Backgrounds

2D Planet Game Backgrounds

Cartoon City 2D Backgrounds

Street 2D Game Backgrounds

War 2D Game Backgrounds

Destroyed City Parallax Backgrounds

Western 2D Game Backgrounds

Parallax 2D Game Backgrounds

Desert 2D Game Backgrounds

Stone Scrolling 2D Game Backgrounds

Free Desert Scrolling 2D Game Backgrounds

Sky 2D Game Backgrounds

Free Beach 2D Game Backgrounds

Ocean 2D Game Backgrounds

Underwater World 2D Game Backgrounds

Free Underwater World Parallax Game Backgrounds

Cartoon Forest 2D Backgrounds

Free Horizontal 2D Game Backgrounds

Snowy 2D Game Backgrounds

Jungle 2D Game Backgrounds

Nature Horizontal 2D Game Backgrounds

Free Halloween 2D Game Backgrounds

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