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Concrete Genie is Getting Not Just One, But Two PlayStation VR Modes Twinfinite

Concrete Genie, the colorful action adventure that lets you paint the town, will be getting two PlayStation VR modes, it was announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

San Mateo Studio’s Jeff Brown went into a little more depth on the blog about the two modes that would be available alongside the regular campaign.

If you’re unfamiliar with the whimsical PS4 exclusive, Concrete Genie is a visually arresting game that aims to pull out your inner artist. You play as a bullied child with a Genie-infused paintbrush who must paint the color back into your oppressively dingy town of Denska.

It’s not surprising if you haven’t heard much about the game however, as developer Pixelopus has been slowly drip-feeding us information about the game, with this new VR support update being the latest. The game showed off a trailer last week at Sony’s State of Play livestream.

The first mode is called VR Experience and has you follow a curious little genie called Splotch, who you meet by Denska’s lighthouse. The mission has you using your Living Paint in a whole new way as you quest to unlock a secret power.

The second mode is called VR Free Paint Mode and will be available only after you complete VR Experience. This mode is all about creative freedom and has you choose out of four Denska locations before letting you go wild, experimenting with all the Living Paint and Genie paintbrushes you find in the main adventure.

Brown also explains that this mode’s creative emphasis will be a perfect fit for the PlayStation Move Motion controllers, allowing all the freedom of movement to be able to paint in whatever shapes you choose.

Brown isn’t giving away too much about the modes in this post, though. With the Concrete Genie coming out later this year, We can expect to learn more over the next few months.

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