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Tag: Unigine

Environment Building in Unigine

Alexander Kolyasa and Mark Kassikhin were kind enough to share a detailed breakdown of their astonishing Racer’s Shelter created in Unigine: working with references, advantages of the engine, modeling, texturing, setting up lighting, and more. Introduction Alexander: My name is Alexander Kolyasa, I’m 26 and I have the education of an architect. It’s where I got my first bits of knowledge about 3d. I got a bachelor degree, but I realized, that games are much more interesting for me. And in 2014 I got my first job at a small local game dev studio. However, I didn’t know anything about UVs, texturing or retopology at that time. As expected, I was expelled from the further education in my academy because I started going to work and not to classes, but I don’t regret that as I’ve found my passion! And now, for almost 5…