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Tag: Retro

Ikari Trilogy Brings Top-Down Mayhem to SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

As the weeks whittle down towards the release of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for PlayStation 4 we’re treated to another trailer that’s bursting at the seams with retro gaming goodness. This time around, the focus is firmly on the now iconic Ikari trilogy. Originally released on Nintendo Switch late last year, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is a celebration of titles released in the early days of hefty SNK’s career which has now spanned four decades. However, during that time we were introduced to a pair of no-nonsense commandos named Ralf and Clark through the Ikari trilogy who later went on to appear in the ever popular King of Fighters and Metal Slug franchises. Originally released in 1986, Akari Warriors was an intense top-down shooter. Its run-and-gun gameplay made it a title that’s still fondly remembered more than 30 years later. The…