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Tag: Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams Set To Enter Early Access On PS4 This Spring

Little Big Planet developer, Media Molecule is close to releasing it’s next project to the world. After 6 weeks of beta testing, the company  has announced Dreams will enter Early Access this spring. During the beta test, players created a whole tons of content — not just game levels, but art pieces and music. Media Molecule’s goal from the outset has been to provide creators everything they need to make exciting content using just their PlayStation 4s. Based on the samples provided in the video above, it appears they’ve done just that. But, the devs note their work isn’t done yet. Beta testing may be over, but between now and the game’s full launch the team will be working to perfect the game. To do this, while allowing players access to Dreams, Media Molecule has decided to launch the game in…

Media Molecule Teases an Update on Dreams Later This Month

Will our dreams come true?The Dreams beta test has come to a close, and while it’s had some hiccups along the way, it’s largely been a massive success. With almost 15,000 creations shared online, Media Molecule proved that its highly ambitious game works as intended, and that people will be able to make some astonishing things.The studio published a new blog post on its website recently. “Seeing all the amazing things in your heads spill out into the Dreamiverse has been a wild and exciting ride. While we don’t want that ride to stop, we do need to get back to making Dreams a reality and we still have some work left,” reads the post. Perhaps most interesting, however, is news of an update coming soon: “Of course, we don’t want to leave you in the dark, so look out for…

Dreams Developer Uses the PS4 Beta to Create a Playable Pool Game

Dreams has been a long time coming, and of course, when developer Media Molecule announced that they’re going to be running a closed beta, people were excited to see exactly what is possible with this title. We started seeing the developers tease some projects during live streams, but then we started seeing NDA’s being broken, one of the most noteworthy breaks was the P.T level recreated in the beta. Even the developers at Media Molecule have been getting hands-on with the beta and creating their own designs. One being John Beech who created a realistic Pool simulator using the beta version of Dreams using AI that’s still a work in progress. The level apparently took 20-30 hours to create according to the user ‘Project Genesis‘ who recorded themselves playing the developers level. You’ll find the video embedded below and it’s really quite a looker. The game features…

A Dreams Dev Is Planning A Star Wars VR Level With This Awesome Lightsaber

The question everyone asked has been answered; yes, you can make a lightsaber in Dreams. And you can wield it with a PlayStation Move controller too. Reddit user magnumninja recently shared a look at his version of the iconic Star Wars sword. It was built in the ongoing creator beta for Dreams. The developer created a pretty solid green saber, but Move control allows you to wield it like Luke Skywalker himself. Crucially, magnumninja says this is the first step in plans to build out a Star Wars VR level. The Dreams beta doesn’t have VR support, but it does allow everyone to get to grips with the tools. As far as we understand, VR levels will have to be built within VR itself. magnumninja is considering building out a first-person ‘Jedi Academy-like’ like level for PSVR….