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Day: February 4, 2019

Dreams Developer Uses the PS4 Beta to Create a Playable Pool Game

Dreams has been a long time coming, and of course, when developer Media Molecule announced that they’re going to be running a closed beta, people were excited to see exactly what is possible with this title. We started seeing the developers tease some projects during live streams, but then we started seeing NDA’s being broken, one of the most noteworthy breaks was the P.T level recreated in the beta. Even the developers at Media Molecule have been getting hands-on with the beta and creating their own designs. One being John Beech who created a realistic Pool simulator using the beta version of Dreams using AI that’s still a work in progress. The level apparently took 20-30 hours to create according to the user ‘Project Genesis‘ who recorded themselves playing the developers level. You’ll find the video embedded below and it’s really quite a looker. The game features…

Alexa, give me nostalgia: Choose Your Own Adventure skill debuts from Audible

A portion of the book cover for The Abominable Snowman by R.A. Montgomery. (credit: ChooseCo) The classic children’s book series Choose Your Own Adventure is now an interactive Amazon Alexa skill, available today. The release is a partnership between Amazon-owned Audible and ChooseCo, the current owner of the Choose Your Own Adventure brand. Founded in 2003 by R.A. Montgomery and Shannon Gilligan, ChooseCo has printed new editions of Choose Your Own Adventure books over the years. In the new Alexa skill, the story will be read to you, and then Alexa will beep whenever a choice that branches the narrative comes up. You just speak the choice to proceed. It also comes with a few simple commands to help you navigate. Critically, and in the spirit of how kids read the books back in the day, you can say…

A Dreams Dev Is Planning A Star Wars VR Level With This Awesome Lightsaber

The question everyone asked has been answered; yes, you can make a lightsaber in Dreams. And you can wield it with a PlayStation Move controller too. Reddit user magnumninja recently shared a look at his version of the iconic Star Wars sword. It was built in the ongoing creator beta for Dreams. The developer created a pretty solid green saber, but Move control allows you to wield it like Luke Skywalker himself. Crucially, magnumninja says this is the first step in plans to build out a Star Wars VR level. The Dreams beta doesn’t have VR support, but it does allow everyone to get to grips with the tools. As far as we understand, VR levels will have to be built within VR itself. magnumninja is considering building out a first-person ‘Jedi Academy-like’ like level for PSVR….

Resident Evil 2 Remake Looks Stunningly Vintage in Fixed Camera Perspective

Does Resident Evil 2 remake feel a bit too modern for your taste? Do you miss the nostalgic, fixed-camera technique from the original? The community certainly thinks so, with YouTube channels re-creating fixed-angle gameplay in a bid for Capcom to add the perspective in a future update. For those of you who are new to the series or joined on to enjoy the Mr. X memes, Capcom’s latest reimagining of Resident Evil 2 replaced the original’s more controversial mechanics: fixed camera perspective. In other words, like many PS1 games at the time, the player was not able to control the camera like you can in modern games. For an idea on how this looked like, just catch a quick glimpse of gameplay from the PS1 original: Every time Leon walks offscreen, the camera will change with him. While this was development technique to help…